As of 1st January 2014, the People’s National Party has merged with The Belize People’s Front.

The Belize People’s Front is a grassroots people’s movement, one that seeks to empower the people, by having them take an active part in governance. This movement is led by Nancy Marin and Wil Maheia.

Says Maheia, “The PNP has been in existence since XXXX. We have fought many elections both national and local, and most recently, have been actively involved in the demarcation of our boundaries with TheBelize Territorial Volunteers.

Over that time we have received a lot of support from the Belizean people, and I continue to be grateful for that. But the country has fallen to new levels of hardship for everyone. This has again brought to the fore that the time has come for us to look at new and fresh solutions for a way forward.

2014 is the right time to start our journey along that forward path. So in the spirit of unity, the PNP has joined with a new movement, The Belize People’s Front. We have set aside our differences which are few, in an effort to forge ahead with improving the responsible governance of Belize, as our common goal.

The People’s Front joins together people from a wide range of backgrounds and social standings, who have simply had enough of being unheard and unrepresented, while incompetence and disregard for the rule of law reign supreme.

While the members of The Belize People’s Front don’t all agree on every single thing – we all agree on the one thing that binds us together; a true service to our fellow-man and a view to develop Belize using the resources we have on hand. We base our core ideas on the Christian principles of justice and equality for all.

The Belize People’s Front is working for a Belize where there is a fair chance for everybody – not just the chosen few. Where the supreme law of the land is applied, not just to the criminal on the street, but to everyone, including elected representatives. While this may not sit well with those most likely to be affected, we offer this as one of the many people based initiatives and as the first step to curb mismanagement

I am excited and re-energized by this movement, which comes from the people. I invite all Belizeans to join me, Nancy Marin, and the members of The People’s Front, as we place people first, as the way forward for Belize, in 2014 and the years to come.”


Belize People’s Front

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