My fellow Belizeans,

As we look forward to a new year, we must also take a time to reflect on the achievements of the past and in  that light, we must take measures to ascertain that the mistakes we have made in the past, teaches us to not repeat the same in the future.

Whilst there can be many memorable moments from the past year, we were rudely awakened by the execution of one of our Police Officers, whilst on duty at the Caracol Archaeological Reserve, the Forward Operating Base for the Coast Guard, being built by undocumented Guatemalans  and more so, contracted to a company from a state that refuses to drop its unfounded claim to our Nation.

This age old disregard to the will of the people of Belize have been an ongoing one, where the present day partisan politics continue to divide and restrain our people from true prosperity and independence. While our monies are being spent on infrastructure works, many more are being spent to maintain the populace in a subservient fashion; this we intend to mend and it will take true love of country to achieve. In this regard we call on each and every one of you, to start with placing the love of country before the love of party, a difficult task, but a necessary act if we are to survive the next few years as a Nation.

While we look to chart a new course for Belize, we are aware that the changes we need are not to be achieved by the leaders of the country, but by you, the Belizean people, both at home and in the Diaspora. The Belize People’s Front has maintained that the Diaspora deserves the right to participate politically and in all aspects of the development of our Nation. We have made numerous calls to have the fragmented alternative groups and leaders to unite to present a unified front, the reason the BPF was formed; sad to say that we must forge on alone as the love of Country is not yet the most pressing issue with many.

They say nation building is a job for giants, we say it’s a job for all and one that should unify us in the direction we need to go and until we all step up to the gigantic task of doing all we can to protect and defend our Nation, we will remain at the forefront, never doubting in the will and power of the people, never loosing hope that sooner than later the people will realize the pit we are falling into. We shall never acquiesce to the partisanship form of governance regardless of the many forms it takes. We aspire to unify servant leaders to bring equality and honor to the head table of a people centered administration, where the qualified public servants are the decision makers of the day to day operation of a more just and equitable form of service to their fellow-man.

As the leader of The Belize People’s Front, I call on you to stay the course, never stop achieving and never lose hope. We are at the 11th hour, a change is coming; be a part of it and make the coming year one in which we achieve more for less, share and care more for our friends, families and country. May the New Year be one where your dreams are within reach, filled with good health, happiness and the desire to do more for improving the state of the Country.

Have a Happy and prosperous 2015!!


Belize People’s Front

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